The New Self-Care

What images come to mind when you hear the word self-care? A bubble bath with scented candles, a shopping spree, practicing some yoga, or perhaps treating yourself to that delicious-looking cupcake in the bakery window. The idea of self-care has been glamorized on social media as indulgence or treating yourself to a variety of services […]


Failure is always an option

Chances are, most of us have heard the popular quote “Failure is not an option.” A powerful tag line for the movie Apollo 13, it is meant to inspire hard work and diligence; showing us the tenacity and courage of those at mission control during a crisis. Many variations of the quote exist-all spouting the […]


How to Have the Best Holiday Season Yet—The Personal Side

I am pleased to say that after several decades on the planet I have learned some things about how to at least try and enjoy the holidays. The summation of what I have gleaned is this: Don’t do too much and set your expectations well ahead of time. The “don’t do too much” is a […]


How to Have the Best Holiday Season Yet—The Practical Side

We all know deep down inside that the only constant is change, though most of us don’t like to admit it. Change is hard. We don’t like uncertainty and even if we are not planners or “type-A” personalities, most of us want to know what is coming next so we can at least prepare mentally […]