The Therapeutic Journey to HRT

What is HRT? Hormone replacement therapy is a medical treatment that slowly introduces either testosterone or estrogen to your system. The hormones are introduced for the purpose of changing your secondary sexual characteristics, such as facial hair, essential fats, skin texture, and breast reduction or growth depending on if you are taking estrogen or testosterone. […]


What is Depression?

Several months ago I wrote a blog post on sadness, a natural and necessary emotion. Despite our best efforts to not experience it, nearly all of us will at some point in our lives. Where there is a discussion on sadness, there needs to be one on depression as well. Because our society tends to […]


Choose Joy—The Personal Side

One of my best friends jokingly says in new situations, “Lower your expectations…and then lower them again.” I remember many years ago meeting up with my friend for lunch in our busy metropolis and as I sat across from her and told her I was having trouble finding good places to eat, a hairdresser and […]


Choose Joy—The Practical Side

Thanksgiving is upon us and I am personally trying to focus on choosing joy, gratitude and the experiences I want to have during the holidays. After all, how I feel and most of what I do boils down to choice. If you think about it, you make dozens of decisions every day. You choose what […]