Plugging In: The Mental Health Benefits of Video Game Communities

10 years ago the attitude toward video games took a negative shift. People began blaming video games for children turning violent due to one study that correlated violent behaviors with violent video game use. Setting aside for a moment that correlation data does not equate to causation and there is still no defining evidence that […]


Radical Acceptance

Imagine the person who causes you the most aggravation in your life right now. Maybe it’s a loved one who, despite your best efforts, continues to make bad decision after bad decision. Perhaps it’s a friend who is always calling and complaining about their lives, but never takes your advice. It could be a co-worker […]


The Good Enough Gift—The Personal Side

A few years ago a friend of mine—let’s call her Abby—went through a rough time in her marriage. Nothing terrible in that I mean no infidelity, lying, cheating, abuse or the like—just a rough time after having two kids back to back that resulted in her and her husband eventually going to therapy.


The Good Enough Gift—The Practical Side

The holiday season is upon us and my mind has already started reeling with gift ideas, menus, travel plans and the like. I have to confess to you (and laugh a little at myself) because I just started reading a book about enjoying the present instead of trying to make experiences perfect. I smile thinking […]