Father’s Day without a father

Father’s Day can be a day to celebrate the man who helped raise you, or it can be a source of dread, grief, sadness and anger. People have many different reasons for dreading Father’s Day. Perhaps your dad passed away, or you have an estranged or non-existent relationship with him. You dislike Father’s Day because […]


Understanding Your Transgender Child

When your child comes out to you as transgender it’s only natural to have endless questions about what to do as a parent. You will want to understand what your child is going through, first and foremost. The most frequent question parents of transgender children ask me is “what does this mean for my child?”


The Best Way to Argue with Your Partner

There is a couple on my couch. Sasha and Veronica have been arguing with each other for the past 10 minutes about how Veronica doesn’t want to go to Sasha’s parents house for the weekend, and Sasha feels hurt by that.


The Importance of Vulnerability in a Relationship

You may have experienced the sensation of withholding information or feelings from your partner, whether consciously or subconsciously. “Bringing this up will only cause an argument”, you may think. “We’ve talked about this before and nothing good came of it.” Or perhaps “if I tell my partner this, perhaps he will leave me or think […]


More Than One Type of Romance

Romance is a feeling of excitement, mystery, or appreciation associated with love or desire. When we think of romance we may already have a picture-perfect idea of what we would find most enjoyable. It is easy to think that our preference for romance surely applies to everyone, and that everyone would find it enjoyable, when […]


Breakups and The Grieving Heart

When we consider the word “grief” we may think immediately of death and loss. The idea of associating grief with the end of a romantic relationship can be new to some people. Because the person we lose is still on this mortal plane, walking amongst us, means grief just isn’t possible, right? We only grieve […]


Plugging In: The Mental Health Benefits of Video Game Communities

10 years ago the attitude toward video games took a negative shift. People began blaming video games for children turning violent due to one study that correlated violent behaviors with violent video game use. Setting aside for a moment that correlation data does not equate to causation and there is still no defining evidence that […]


The Therapeutic Journey to HRT

What is HRT? Hormone replacement therapy is a medical treatment that slowly introduces either testosterone or estrogen to your system. The hormones are introduced for the purpose of changing your secondary sexual characteristics, such as facial hair, essential fats, skin texture, and breast reduction or growth depending on if you are taking estrogen or testosterone. […]


The New Self-Care

What images come to mind when you hear the word self-care? A bubble bath with scented candles, a shopping spree, practicing some yoga, or perhaps treating yourself to that delicious-looking cupcake in the bakery window. The idea of self-care has been glamorized on social media as indulgence or treating yourself to a variety of services […]


Healthy Dependence in Relationships

Introduction What comes to mind when you hear the word “dependence”? Is it a clingy ex lover? Perhaps a family member? Dependence is a word attached to many concepts, but it is rarely associated with positivity. In our society where independence is highly valued, being seen as dependent on someone or something may be viewed […]