Girls and Boys Just Wanna Have Fun—The Personal Side

My good friend who is in her early forties just shared with me about a recent night out she had that involved quite a bit of fun. She, her husband and a few other couples made dinner reservations at their favorite restaurant for a Saturday night like they usually do at least once a month. […]


Girls and Boys Just Wanna Have Fun—The Practical Side

Have you ever been to Disney World? Do remember going there as a kid? Or perhaps you have taken your child there to visit. I absolutely love going to Disney or any of the parks we have here, really. And one of my favorite things to do when I am there is people watch and […]


The Importance of Vulnerability in a Relationship

You may have experienced the sensation of withholding information or feelings from your partner, whether consciously or subconsciously. “Bringing this up will only cause an argument”, you may think. “We’ve talked about this before and nothing good came of it.” Or perhaps “if I tell my partner this, perhaps he will leave me or think […]


Mindfulness: Nonjudgment

For me, one of the hardest aspects of mindfulness is nonjudgment. The idea of not judging myself or evaluating the moment as good or bad was a new concept for me. So much so, that most of the time I wasn’t even aware I was doing it. Judging situations, emotions, thoughts and just about everything […]


Making Up is Hard To Do: The Personal Side

Have you ever known someone who stated, “I hate conflict”? I have known a person or two that said this, some of whom went to great lengths to avoid conflict even when it meant not getting what they needed (and in my opinion deserved) out of a relationship.


Making Up is Hard To Do: The Practical Side

If you are as old as me, perhaps you remember the song, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”? Breaking up is hard to do, but so is making up. I am not talking about the positive warm feelings that often flow after you make up with a friend or moreover a lover. I am talking […]


More Than One Type of Romance

Romance is a feeling of excitement, mystery, or appreciation associated with love or desire. When we think of romance we may already have a picture-perfect idea of what we would find most enjoyable. It is easy to think that our preference for romance surely applies to everyone, and that everyone would find it enjoyable, when […]


How to be present

Mindfulness is one of those mental health buzz words people like to throw around without a lot of attention to what it is or how to practice it.


Can You Hear Me Now?—The Personal Side

I have to believe that a higher power imbues all good therapists with a heightened ability to listen well—especially to the people we are so honored to call our clients. I truly love listening to the stories of my clients, sharing in their journeys and listening hard to determine what type of healing they need […]


Can You Hear Me Now?—The Practical Side

Remember the commercial with the guy who always said: “Can you hear me now?”? As I sat down to begin this blog this line is the first thing that came to my mind. I have been wanting to do a two-part blog series on communication and conflict resolution. However, as I sat down to begin […]