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I’ll Stay Here this Year

Sometimes we can’t be with the ones we love for the holidays. Sometimes we aren’t invited to spend the holidays with the ones we love. Sometimes we just don’t want to go home. Whatever the reason (a lack of funds, … Continue reading

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Yes and No

Yes and No are such small words in comparison to the many other amazing words in our language; however, these little words can be very powerful. Oftentimes we are afraid to say “YES” and experience something new (that might be … Continue reading

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Goodbyes Are Not Forever…

Saying goodbye is never easy. Whether it is saying goodbye to a relationship, a loved one, a home, or a job; it can be a difficult and painful process. We often focus on what we are losing or have lost, and feel that … Continue reading

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A New Type of Resolution—The Personal Side

I wish I could tell you that emotional resolutions are easy. I wish I could tell you that the journey of personal growth is virtually stress-free and includes endless waves of joyous moments in which you feel enlightened and encouraged. … Continue reading

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