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High-Five Celebrations

How many years do we give life before we finally stop to enjoy the life we have? This is a tired idea, yet it remains as relevant now as ever before. We spend our lives pursuing the next goal – … Continue reading

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Out of the Blue

If you have ever experienced a panic attack, you know how terrifying it can be. Panic attacks usually occur out of the blue, without any apparent reason, leaving you feeling fearful about what happened (and how you thought your world was … Continue reading

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Looking at the Bright Side of Life

As you go about your daily life, you may not realize how much impact the power of your thoughts can have on your actions. Imagine waking up at 6:30 in the morning, feeling refreshed and energized after a great night’s sleep. … Continue reading

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We All Want to be Heard

“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as being heard.” William Hazlitt Do you ever find yourself listening to someone, but not really focusing on what they are saying? Instead, you’re thinking of what you want to … Continue reading

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Inside Out & Lost and Confused

Watching the Disney PIXAR movie Inside Out, I was reminded of my work with children. They experience the world in such different ways than adults. Children have feelings and emotions that they may not understand and cannot put into words. … Continue reading

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Coping with Stress this Holiday Season

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. It’s part of normal life. Most people’s stress levels increase this time of year due to the added pressures that come with the holidays such as parties, gifting, decorations, and missing loved ones. When … Continue reading

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Innocence Lost

Having a teen with a substance abuse problem may be one of the most difficult things that any parents could face while raising a child. They might ask themselves, where did we go wrong? Could we have done anything in our power to prevent our … Continue reading

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Yes and No

Yes and No are such small words in comparison to the many other amazing words in our language; however, these little words can be very powerful. Oftentimes we are afraid to say “YES” and experience something new (that might be … Continue reading

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Invisible No More

Relationships where one can experience the freedom to explore and discover oneself through hope, love and acceptance provide security and space to grow. However, relationships where abuse is present can confuse the very core of one’s understanding and expectations of what … Continue reading

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Another Year…A Better You

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” — T.S. Eliot I sit here thinking about how the holidays are soon coming to an end, and the New Year is around the … Continue reading

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