Why you’re so angry and how to handle it

Have you ever gotten so angry or frustrated that you just want to scream? Or just want to punch something? The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) study revealed that anger can cause a person to lose the use of their prefrontal cortex which is what we use for making good […]


Grief Tool Kit

Transitions in life are marked by a level of difficulty or discomfort depending on the circumstances surrounding it. When we adjust to major life changes, we gradually find our footing, gain familiarity with all that feels new, and eventually life just starts to feel “normal” again after awhile. This is not normally the case with […]


How to survive Depression

First and foremost, if the symptoms of depression are making your want to end your life contact your doctor/therapist/mental health professional as soon as possible.


A Season for Everything—The Personal Side

Many, many years ago I remember reading a study about aging white males. The study said that older white men who were single (widowers or never married) and had no friends or close family relationships had a significantly higher rate of suicide. The chance of suicide only increased in these men if they struggled with […]


A Season for Everything—The Practical Side

Do you have many friends? A few close friends? Or maybe just one best friend? Hopefully you do not live your life feeling isolated and have friends, family or both to share in your life’s greatest joys as well as the challenges you face. If you do have a best friend or a small group […]