Foolproof Your Holiday Season

Have you ever seen the movie “Four Christmases?” If not, I highly recommend it for some guilty viewing pleasure! It is the story about a couple who visits their families around Christmas time only to be triggered by various forms of family dysfunction at every corner! They encounter situations with messy family boundaries, uncomfortable family […]


Managing Expectations around the Holidays

December is a month full of celebrations. Regardless of faith or religion, it is difficult to not get caught up in the excitement of the season. It is a time that society tells us is full of happiness, joy, family, togetherness, and so on. What we see on social media and television is usually also […]


Living With Chronic Pain—The Personal Side

Throughout my life I have had spells of living with pain. Ankle pain, elbow pain, back pain and more. However, I would not classify myself as having chronic pain. If the definition of chronic pain is 3 months or more (as some doctors say) than perhaps I have experienced it. However, I have personally and […]


Living With Chronic Pain—The Practical Side

Chronic pain is often described as any pain that lasts for 3-6 months or more. It can even last years. Chronic pain can take a toll on not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. If you suffer with chronic pain of any sort it is important to continually talk to your […]