Impactful Parenting: Encouragement in Action

Think back to your childhood and try to remember something that made you feel proud.  How do you remember deriving that sense of accomplishment?  Was it handed to you through some kind of evaluative praise, or were you left to simmer in its glory through simply being recognized for your hard work and focus?  The […]



Are you ever amazed by the strength and resilience of others and wonder if you would be able to withstand the hardships you see others face? I think most of us have that person in our lives that we see get dealt blow after blow and seem to handle it with relative ease and grace. […]


Therapy 101—The Personal Side

A very close friend of mine recently hurt her leg. She wasn’t doing anything special—meaning no marathons, or weekend warrior events—just living life for the most part. Anyways, she somehow damaged a nerve and now has to attend physical therapy 2x each week. As I have watched her faithfully attend these sessions for several months […]


Therapy 101—The Practical Side

Are you a member of a gym? Or have you been a member of one in the past? If so, you have probably noticed 2 main types of people in your gym. The ones that over time become slimmer, more toned and more fit. And the people who week in and week out look the […]