Top 9 Benefits of Counseling

Life will inevitably throw you some curve balls but with some help you can learn to hit them out of the park. Hardships in life are unavoidable and we could all use some support when times get rough, someone to shed some light on an otherwise dark time. According to Brene Brown, “Vulnerability sounds like […]


Summer Boredom Blues

Search ‘summer boredom’ on the internet and you’ll be rewarded with multiple sites providing a plethora of ideas to ‘cure’ any child’s summer boredom blues. Suggestions such as ‘play a board game, play water balloon games, build a fort’, are offered in list, after list, after list. And it makes me wonder, when did summer […]


Life After Divorce: A Guide on How to Find Meaning Again

Life after divorce can leave you feeling overwhelmed, traumatized, or even hopeless. Regardless of the reasons why, it is a life change that can take some getting used to and even longer to move forward with your life. No one writes your story or can give you a time frame for the healing. However, there […]


Compassion and Mental Health

Compassion isn’t necessarily a word we associate with mental health. It’s usually viewed as something we’re “supposed” to have for others because, if we don’t, we’d be selfish.  I know I grew up being told it’s important to be kind and compassionate and the reasons were related to religion and the idea of being “good”. […]


I Know How You Feel—The Personal Side

As cliché as it sounds, children are our future. So, if we are to build a society that both experiences and acts on empathy, we have to start young. Many of the suggestions below were taken from the Harvard University website (https://mcc.gse.harvard.edu/resources-for-families/5-tips-cultivating-empathy) which outlines ways to create caring cultures and families.  Here are some things […]


I Know How You Feel—The Practical Side

I know they mean well, but most of the time when I hear someone say, “I know how you feel,” or “I know exactly how you feel,” I shudder a little. I believe that as human beings there are many emotions we share as a race including love, joy, grief and fear. However, I also […]