Dear Client: Some Useful Things to Know About Therapy

I recently read a book entitled Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, by Lori Gottlieb. It’s the true story of a therapist’s experience attending therapy for the first time. It was a relatable and entertaining read that touched on many of the real experiences therapists and clients share during the therapeutic process.


Difficult Emotions-Why it’s so Hard to Feel

Emotions can be tricky. They seem pretty straightforward and basic, but humans tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. Most of us grew up hearing various messages about emotions-from parents, friends, society-and we internalize those messages, whether we realize it or not.


Testing, Testing…is this thing on? : The Personal Side

Meet my friend Layla. Layla is not her real name, but she is a dear friend who gave me permission to share her story. Layla has a son who she always felt was “very energetic.” He did not attend preschool, but stayed home with her until he went to kindergarten. During his first year in […]


Testing, Testing…is this thing on? : The Practical Side

August is all things back to school—clothes, supplies, book bags, lunchboxes, you name it. I am writing this in July and school stuff is already on sale at most of the stores I frequent. Whether you have a kindergartner, a middle schooler or a freshman in high school, navigating the ins and outs of the […]