Recovery From Depression: The Ups and Downs

Depression is one of the most commonly experienced challenges of the mind in the world. The World Health Organization reported that 264 million people around the world suffer with depression. The WHO’s statistics only include those who meet the diagnostic criteria for Depressive Disorders, and those who are reported. Imagine how many people suffer with […]


Healthy Relationships 101

In the midst of a pandemic, many of us may have moments where we find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable. For couples, this “new world” we live in has brought on a variety of additional stressors, far outside of the norm—balancing working from home, serving as teachers to children, juggling household chores and mealtimes, entertaining […]


Coming to Terms with Grief and Loss

Grief is one of those uncomfortable and difficult concepts that we all have felt in one way or another, yet we also tend to push away or avoid because it means we have to open ourselves up to vulnerability. As with every other uncomfortable emotion, it’s much easier to push under the rug and pretend […]


What Really Matters—The Personal Side

During the summer, I usually go to the pool often and try to connect with family members I do not get to see as much during the school year. My kids look forward to seeing certain sitters (home from college) and attending certain summer activities. And some years, I look forward to a little getaway […]


What Really Matters—The Practical Side

Pools, cookouts, trips, good books, more time outside…what words come to mind when you think of summer? Based on our upbringing and experiences we all have our own ideas and expectations about what different seasons should look like–where we should go, who we should be with and what we should be doing.