Knowing The Difference: Symptoms Versus Everyday Stress

Many clients who come to counseling come to deal with things like depression, anxiety, panic, or trauma. The evidence is clear at this point that these conditions have physical and mental symptoms that accompany them. The old saying of. “it is all in your head” is false as the mind-body connection shows us that our […]


Getting Out during a Pandemic

Domestic violence can be a touchy subject, however, given the recent pandemic and increase in domestic violence cases, it definitely warrants a spotlight. For starters, I would just like to advise that if you are in a domestic violence situation currently at home, please be cautious when reading this blog and clear your viewing history. […]


All the Same on the Inside–The Personal Side

As I discussed in the practical blog on this topic, I have felt overwhelmed witnessing the death of George Floyd and all of the events surrounding it. I have felt an array of emotions–felt moved to promote change and support the oppressed and yet felt powerless as one person mostly holed up at home due […]


All the Same on the Inside–The Practical Side

Over the past several weeks, I have seen more adult African-American men and women cry than I have in my whole life–on TV panels talking about race, on televised church discussing humanity and even on a professional Zoom meeting where the topic was race. Seeing such vulnerability has moved me to tears and broken my […]