Why Meditate?

We hear so much about meditation in media. You see the pictures of people sitting criss cross you might wonder what they’re doing or what they are thinking about. Meditation is so much more than just a specific pose and thoughtlessness. Meditation can be beneficial for everyone! There are so many different types of meditation […]


Goal Setting and Problem Solving

When I decided to go back to school several years ago, I sat down and mapped out how I was going to manage it. How many hours I could I work versus how many hours I needed to work to pay bills. Would my job work with me while I went back to school, or […]


Returning (Or Starting) College Life During COVID

This time of year will always be special to me. Attending the University of Central Florida for over 8 years and 3-degree programs, I had many starts to the Fall semester. While most universities follow the same schedule of having a Fall, Spring, and Summer semester system, anyone who goes to higher education institutions will […]


From Surviving to Thriving – The Personal Side

Do you need a laugh? I always do! I read a meme a few months ago that said “2021 is just 2020 with a wig on!” I laughed out loud when I read this and still smile thinking of it. Without talking about any viruses (wink, wink) I think we can all say that we […]


From Surviving to Thriving – The Practical Side

Coping skills, calming strategies, calming techniques, therapists have used many terms over the years to describe how we manage stress. “Coping skills” is the term I heard most in grad school; however, one of my favorite mentors often uses the phrase “calming strategies”… and I have grown to like it.