The Diet Culture Devil

We are surrounded every day with media that proposes if we were smaller we would be happier. It is sold to us from such a young age and instilled in us by those around us who have fallen subject to the mindset that smaller is better. Especially in our current age of media we are […]


Attachment Styles

Have you ever sat down and thought about the significant relationships in your life? Not just the romantic ones, the ones with your parents, siblings, friends, other family members and others who have touched our lives. Have you ever wondered if you are getting everything out of the relationship? Do you feel secure? Do you […]


Negotiables Versus Non-Negotiables

Compromise is a huge part of life. Most of our parents started teaching us that very early in our lives, and this is a case where the lesson that was hammered into us from early on was absolutely applicable across the entire lifespan. We live in a society based on compromise and the understanding that […]


The Space of Forgiveness–The Personal Side

It is one of my mantras that “forgiveness is an ongoing process.” For me, this means that when someone has hurt me deeply, I have to keep forgiving them. Sure, I forgive them the first time, but then I have to keep walking that forgiveness out. I show up at their invitations, I reach out […]


The Space of Forgiveness–The Practical Side

The holidays are here. They come this time every year whether we are ready for them or not.  And this time of year always gets me thinking about family and friends. When I think of who I will be gathering with and who I will not, I naturally think back to past joys and past […]