Giving Gratitude to Ourselves: The Rewards & The Spaces

“The honey doesn’t taste so good once it is being eaten; the goal doesn’t mean so much once it is reached; the reward is not so rewarding once it has been given. If we add up all the rewards in our lives we won’t have very much. But if we add up the spaces between […]


Meaning Well, But Causing Harm: Some Common Phrases to Avoid

The vast majority of people we will interact with over the course of our lives will mean well. Sure, there is a small subset of the population who, due to brain wiring issues, enjoy causing physical and emotional harm. But these people are rare and we will go most days of our lives without encountering […]



As I sat at my computer trying to figure out what to write about, one of my favorite TikTok people, went live. I love him because he is so incredibly positive, he plays these cool instruments called handpans and plays them outside in some beautiful locations. He has dreadlocks and a long beard turning grey. […]


Dealing With Disappointment—The Personal Side

A friend came to me recently and was distraught after a project she had invested blood, sweat, tears and a significant amount of money in failed. We sat on my sofa together and I was mostly quiet…just trying to be present for her and witness the quiet tears slowly streaming down her face.


Dealing With Disappointment—The Practical Side

“You need to be good at losing.” This is something I grew up hearing. What my mom meant when she said this is that I needed to respond well to disappointment. She did not mean I should expect to lose or even not care about losing. She meant that when things did not go as […]