LGBTQ+ Vocabulary to learn in honor of Pride Month

Within the LGBTQ+ community there is a lot of words unique to the community used to describe someone’s experience of attraction, gender, presentation, or a variety of other things. You may feel awkward about speaking about LGBTQ+ issues or even talking to people in your life that are in the community because you don’t know […]


When is a Hobby a Problem?

One of the most amazing things about humans is our ability to find fulfillment and enjoyment in an infinite number of things that vary so much from person to person. There are some hobbies and interests that are more common than others, but if you ask enough people what they enjoy doing for a leisure […]


“Courage, Dear Heart”—The Personal Side

A dear friend gave me the idea for this blog a couple of months ago and I have been thinking hard about it ever since. I think it is because the word “courage” is not often used today. In shows that I watch, books that I read and podcasts and talks I listen to, there […]


“Courage, Dear Heart”—The Practical Side

The title of this blog is in quotes because it is from a movie or book from some years ago. I cannot remember the name of the movie or book, but I do remember hearing the phrase and it being quite significant. While I am not one of those people who easily memorizes movie or […]