Cognitive Distortions: Why you can’t believe everything you think

What are Cognitive Distortions? The thoughts that pop into our brain are not always reliable.  Our brain can be biased in ways that are unhelpful and cloud our judgment and logical thinking. Ways our brain can be unreliable is referred to as Cognitive Distortions or Mind Traps. Cognitive Distortions are defined as: faulty or inaccurate […]


Therapeutic Scams: What is Fake Mental Health Help?

There are always possible scams in any field of work. Mental Health work is no exception, even though the thought of scamming those seeking help in desperate times is deplorable. There are some total outright scams in the mental health world that are even harmful, there are some things that are built on a preexisting […]


The 911 for Mental Health is 988—The Personal Side

This is going to sound very strange, but over the years a close friend of mine has probably dialed 911 at least 10 times. She has given permission for me to mention this in my blog. Let me explain. These calls have involved her either witnessing something questionable or actually being in the middle of […]


The 911 for Mental Health is 988—The Practical Side

America has had a suicide hotline for as long as I can remember. And while this was a great option for those experiencing thoughts of suicide, it had, in my opinion two large limitations. First, it was a 1-800 number so it was difficult to memorize. And, second, not all mental health crises are centered […]