When Politics and Mental Health Collide

Political topics have always had some connection with mental health, whether regarding the general welfare of those in the country, the stress some political issues can cause, or simply in how we form relationships with others who may have different beliefs than we do. Unfortunately, the current political climate has enhanced how impactful these topics […]


When is a Hobby a Problem?

One of the most amazing things about humans is our ability to find fulfillment and enjoyment in an infinite number of things that vary so much from person to person. There are some hobbies and interests that are more common than others, but if you ask enough people what they enjoy doing for a leisure […]


Substance Use: Clarifying Common Misconceptions

Being a therapist who worked in an addictions facility and then moved to a private practice, it was a bit of a shock to see both how many people not seeking treatment for substance use are still impacted by substance use in their own or their loved one’s lives, as well as the misunderstandings of […]


Meaning Well, But Causing Harm: Some Common Phrases to Avoid

The vast majority of people we will interact with over the course of our lives will mean well. Sure, there is a small subset of the population who, due to brain wiring issues, enjoy causing physical and emotional harm. But these people are rare and we will go most days of our lives without encountering […]


Why Change is Hard: The Existential Point of View

Existentialism and Existential Psychology are great topics to bring up if you want most people to have their eyes roll back and fall asleep. The existential topics of mortality, change, purpose/meaning, and self-actualization are very difficult to focus on due to their massive implications and lack of connection to everyday life. As a fan of […]


Sleep Hygiene: Techniques to Improve Sleep

One of the most surprising things of being a therapist for myself has been the sheer magnitude the impact of sleep has on all other issues. This is not to say that I am shocked that getting good sleep is important, but the amount that poor sleep magnifies other problems can not be understated. It […]


New Year Resolutions versus Goals: Why Resolutions Don’t Work

New Year resolutions are ingrained in our culture. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of them and/or participated in them themselves. Typically, we come up with our resolutions around the time of the New Year celebrations and there are some fairly common ones. Typical resolutions include weight loss, changes in […]


The Anxiety of Travel

The Holiday season is here. Most of us already recognize that this is a time where anxiety and stress seem to cling to the air and we can just absorb it. There are a lot of positive things about the holidays, but whether you love this time of year or dread it, you are going […]


Negotiables Versus Non-Negotiables

Compromise is a huge part of life. Most of our parents started teaching us that very early in our lives, and this is a case where the lesson that was hammered into us from early on was absolutely applicable across the entire lifespan. We live in a society based on compromise and the understanding that […]


Seeing Wellness As A Hierarchy

Wellness is one of the most common things that is mentioned in therapy. It is a term that could be defined as, one’s overall contentment, success, and comfortability in a particular area of life. Wellness is often broken up into different section of our life with a myriad of different breakdowns depending on different therapist, […]