Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes—The Personal Side

I have had many transitions in my life the past couple of years. Thankfully, most of them have been very good ones. Transitions are funny in that they can be “good” or “bad” and “planned” or “unplanned.”  For example, I planned to get married and I planned to have children. But I never “plan” to get sick or lose aging family members. I guess the point is that planned or unplanned all big transitions come with a certain amount of stress. 

Thankfully, I have lived long enough to learn a few things about how I best manage transitions. Here are some positive coping skills that work well for me during times of stress that might help you too:

    1. Trim down your schedule. Say no to any commitments possible in order to have more time to rest and engage in positive behaviors like exercising, making wholesome food and going to bed early
  • Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and avoid too much sugar in any form—including alcohol.
  1. Exercise. Even just walking can boost your mood, lower your blood pressure and help you feel more focused.
  2. Make time for your support system. Spend time at least once a week with a member of your support system.
  3. Make a plan. Plan out the next 4 weeks and see what you can say no to and where you can fit in positive coping measures.
  4. Remind yourself—“this too shall pass.”

In the past, I have had the tendency to “push through” times of stress and not care for myself as well as I should. Now that I have gotten older, when times of stress come I always think about what they tell you on airplanes during what I call the safety speech. The airline attendant always tells parents that if an emergency takes place they are to secure their own oxygen masks before helping their children secure theirs.

In life, no matter who you are trying to help or what you are trying to accomplish, it is essential you care for yourself first. If you are not taking care of yourself emotionally you will not be available to help others. How about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you pushing through a difficult life season without taking time for you? A trained and licensed therapist is ready to help you identify your needs and implement skills that will help you during this and future life seasons. Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to make an appointment.


Yolanda Brailey