Crafting Gratitude — The Practical Side

Thanksgiving has just passed, and now I am counting the days until Christmas. I love Christmas, because I love giving (and getting) gifts. I love lit trees, delicious treats, and family traditions that have been celebrated and passed down for thirty plus years. And, yet, as I am getting older, I have come to love Thanksgiving just as much as Christmas.

I love Thanksgiving because it is just that—thanks giving. The focus is on gratitude and not what I am buying, getting, doing. It is simply, beautifully: being thankful. It is a time to reflect on all of the wonderful people and experiences in my life. Because the things I am most thankful for are not things at all. They are people, love, joy, peace, positive experiences, time and health.

In the second part of the blog on this piece I will talk about some practical ways to practice and even cultivate gratitude. But for now, I want to take a moment to speak to those of you who are having a difficult time emotionally this holiday season.

The holiday season—from November through January—is extremely challenging for many people.  Depression and anxiety soar as individuals deal with family tension, sickness, financial hardship, personal loss, anniversary reactions (remembering lost loved ones), and many other stressors. 

If you are struggling emotionally this holiday season you are not alone. A licensed Orlando mental health counselor can provide the empathy, support and practical guidance you need to get through this season—whether you are in need of individual, child, couples’ or family therapy.  Together you can identify ways to improve your life as the New Year begins. What better way to prepare for the New Year? If you would like to speak with someone regarding depression, anxiety or any other life stressor, please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services in Orlando today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced mental health counselors.


Yolanda Brailey