Divorce Resolutions–The Practical Side

According to the CDC, approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. And, second and third marriages have even higher rates of divorce than first marriages. Common causes of divorce include major life stressors, conflict, infidelity, lack of physical intimacy and lack of commitment.

Treating divorce as a stressor—just like you would any other major life stressor—can help you understand what you need to heal, grow and move forward. Perhaps the first thing to consider is that divorce involves loss and grieving. Divorce and grief go hand in hand. Closing the chapter on a part of life you never imagined ending means giving yourself time to grieve the loss. Even if you are the one initiating the divorce, you will still have to mourn the dreams you once had for you, your partner and your children.

As you grieve and let go of the past, remembering the following may help you on your journey:

  1. Give yourself time and space. Practice being alone. Do not rush into another relationship until you have had time to heal from the heartbreak.
  2. Use your positive coping skills and lean on the members of your support system. Do things that bring you peace and spend time with people who love you and will comfort you.
  3. Get professional help. Enlist therapists for you and your children. Hire a respected family law attorney. You may even seek out a divorce support group if there is one in your area.

Also, if you have children, remember the following:

  1. Your children need to lean on you for support; however, they do not and should not be involved in the details of the divorce.
  2. Children do not want to hear either parent speak negatively of the other.
  3. Children want and deserve to have a relationship with each parent when appropriate.
  4. Children may need their own therapist to process their feelings with a neutral party.

Divorce is not the end of the road. The journey of divorce can be weathered well and lead to hope and healing when navigated with the proper help and support. Our experienced and trained psychotherapists are here to walk with you on your path to healing and new beginnings. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment with one of our Winter Garden mental health counselors.


Yolanda Brailey