Finding Balance

We are guaranteed to experience challenges in life…

and for a period of time we can feel that our lives are spinning out of control. Finding balance during these times helps us to create places in our experience where we can feel calm and have moments of peace and happiness.

How do we do that?

1. We have to add things to our experience. Reconnecting with friends, family and others who can provide support can give us opportunities to ask for help or to simply express our distress and find comfort. Incorporating exercise, even when we don’t feel like exercising, allows us to relieve stress and increases our ability to cope with the physical effects of difficult emotional experiences.

2. We may seek spiritual guidance or journal about our thoughts and emotions.  As difficult as it may be, when we look inward we can begin to see what is still positive and places where our lives are going well.

3. We need to make time for ourselves, for our spouse or our family to regroup and refocus. Playtime is important. Often families become over stressed when their lives are full of responsibilities and activities, and there is no time for just enjoying each other. Playtime allows us to reconnect emotionally with each other and reminds us that we are in this together.

4. We need to look for places in our situation where we do have control and steps we can begin to take to relieve some stress. If we have difficulty figuring out what we can do, especially when our minds are flooded with emotion, we can seek out professionals to help us see more clearly the steps we can take.

Finding and creating balance during our struggles (and even just daily living) is necessary to ensure we have moments of connection, clarity and calm. If you feel like you are spinning and your life seems out of control, a counselor can help you to discover and create areas of balance in your life. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services in Orlando today at 407-443-8862 to make an appointment.


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