Finding Hope in the Waiting Room of Life — The Personal Side

“Everyone needs something to look forward to.” This is a quote from a man personally known to me.  He said many wise things during his 95 years on the planet, but this is one of my favorites. To me, it echoes the proverb I quoted in the practical blog on this subject—“People die for lack of vision.”

This gentleman was simple in many ways, but he truly understood how essential hope is to flourish in life. The things he looked forward to in life were reading, waking up early (5 am) to have some time alone, fishing, traveling the country in a camper and spending time with his childhood sweetheart.  (They were married for over 65 years). He was always planning something be it a fishing trip or a date with his beloved wife.

This gentleman had learned from a young age how important hope in oneself and the future really was.  When he was in the 8th grade he quit school to care for the family farm because his father could not. Later in life he endured many other storms and waited for lots of things, many of which never happened. To honor him, I will not speak of the stresses and trials he faced in his 95 years, but they were substantial and maybe not unlike some of the stresses you currently face.

Yet somehow, until the end of his life, he maintained hope. He found personal strength where he did not know he had any time and again. He made the most of difficult situations. He always believed the best about others until they gave him reason not to. And, he kept setting up things to look forward to—simple things that kept him going like fishing trips, 3 o’clock daily coffee with his wife and early mornings alone. He was an admirable man because even though I know he must have waivered at times given his life circumstances, he refused to relinquish hope.

Life may be hard, but there is hope for ourselves and hope for the future.  Sometimes that hope burns brightly and other times it must be fanned.  But, if we can keep it going we can grow during life’s trials (even if we must suffer too).  We can be intentional in life’s waiting room and there learn perseverance and grow our character. We can gain wisdom and self-awareness and emerge from life’s waiting room better, stronger and more hopeful than ever.

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Yolanda Brailey