Spring into a New You

Hello spring, sunshine, and smiles. Goodbye winter and to all those dark, gloomy skies or feeling down below the weather. The seasons are now changing and coming to an end. As one would say, “every ending is a start to a new beginning” or a new season. A new season is a reason to spring into a newer you. It is the time to blossom into a new you. A new you can finally take control of your life and stand up with a head held high looking to the light, becoming a better version of yourself.

A refreshed, recharged, and renewed you comes with an uplifted attitude as well as a clearer mindset seeing life in a different perspective. With a healthier, brighter, optimistic outlook allows the self to feel more strong and confident which creates feelings of empowerment. Feeling empowered is imperative because when life happens, and at times throws us a curve ball, it causes one to feel out of sorts, overwhelmed, hopeless, or even stuck in a hole on what to do. Although we can’t go back in time and change those past experiences, we can always learn and grow from the situations. We can also take this present moment to decide on what we want to do today and how we can better our future self. Listed below are tips or techniques of what can be done right now to help take back that control in life and regain those feelings of confidence as well as feeling more empowered.

Tips and Techniques to Feel More Empowered within Life

*Challenge Negative Thoughts: Negative thoughts greatly impact how we feel and act or react. Negative thoughts can mentally tear us up leaving oneself feeling broken or not as whole. By being aware and challenging those negative thoughts you can help enhance your mindset by reframing those thoughts into something more positive. Replacing the negative thoughts with encouraging self talk can help build us up which leads to increasing our self-esteem.

*Positive Affirmations: Telling oneself positive affirmations or uplifting statements can be an useful tool to help increase self-esteem. Building self-esteem involves us to rewire our brain waves or thought patterns and reprogram those negative thoughts into something more constructive as a way to help encourage ourselves.

*Set a Goal and Complete it: Setting a goal can help oneself look forward and have something to focus on completing. A goal can be whatever your heart desires whether it be big or small. To do lists are helpful but when the goal is set, take action by breaking the goal into smaller steps. After the goal is broken down into smaller steps and when each step is done you can check it off the list which creates a feel good moment knowing it is done and crossed off. Once the goal is completed, it will feel amazing.

*Daily Journaling: Journaling daily can help those thoughts and feelings get out from your head onto paper or something more tangible. Once  you can get those thoughts or feelings out of your head, you have a better chance to gain insight and clarity by reading what you wrote. If you do not want to reread what you wrote or revisit those thoughts or feelings at least they were able to be released from your mind.

*Connect with Support Systems: Oftentimes, when feeling down you may want to be left alone or withdraw from loved ones but that’s really the time  to reach out and connect more with others. Also, surrounding yourself with supportive people can help increase a sense of connection with others resulting in more happiness, encouragement and inspiration.

*Practice Gratitude: Gratitude can be practiced by thinking about at least one or two things each day that make you feel thankful. Being thankful allows you to appreciate the small and big things in life. Practicing gratitude can help one see the blessings and positives in most things.

*Do what you Love: Doing something that you love to do allows you to find that joy and pleasure in life whether it be painting, singing, cooking, or even reading a book. By doing what you love, you give yourself a natural boost of energy which can create a sense of happiness that radiates from you and may even affect others around you in a positive way.

*Self-Care: Self-care is so important because taking caring of yourself can allow you to be more in tune with how you think or feel and how you can be fully in the present moment knowing what you are needing physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Self-care can be anything that helps soothe the soul or feel good about oneself.

These tips and techniques listed above are some different ways on how to feel more empowered within life. If you are ready to spring into a newer you or looking for more support and guidance through any challenging situation, please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-267-1443 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Winter Garden mental health counselors.


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