Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria is the profound distress that results from incongruence between the biological sex a person is assigned at birth (based on anatomical characteristics) and gender identity, which is the gender that a person experiences themselves to be from the inside. This mismatch between mind and body is believed to be caused by prenatal genetic or hormonal factors which influence brain development, and is therefore a medical condition rather than a mental illness.

Due to a strong desire to live and work as their experienced gender, some people with gender dysphoria may choose (or have a strong desire) to stop outwardly conforming to their assigned male or female gender role. They are said to be Transgender. They may or may not decide to have treatment to make their physical features consistent with their gender identity. Psychotherapy is helpful for anyone who is sorting through life issues of this magnitude. As it is possible for those in transition to lose friendships, family members, relationships and careers; having knowledgeable, empathic support is vital.

Others may feel that they are gender fluid, moving up and down the gender continuum as a dynamic mix of both male and female. They may identify as genderqueer, bigender, thirdgender or agender. It is important to note that gender dysphoria is not related to sexual orientation, as those with this condition can be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or questioning. Finding reliable resources and credible professionals to provide confidential services can be difficult. Our licensed mental health counselors can help guide Trans and gender-nonconforming individuals find hope, community, and direction in Orlando.