The Choices Behind the Change — The Personal Side

A little more than one year ago I started to take gratitude—everyday gratitude—very seriously. I had the epiphany, “aha moment,” whatever you want to call it, that practicing gratitude transforms my thoughts and feelings. Meditating on the good things in my life brings me joy, helps me to focus on the positive and gives me hope that good things will happen in the future just as they have before. 

So, a while ago I started a practice where at the close of each day, I think of three things I am grateful for. To balance it out and hopefully inspire some personal growth I also think of one thing I would have done differently that day. I try to be creative and not list the same things I am grateful for every day like my husband, my health, etc.  Some days I am thankful the rain has stopped. Other days I am thankful for a warm cup of coffee in my hand in a quiet corner of my office or a coffee shop.

In the new year I am hoping to make mental lists of what I am grateful for several times throughout the day and not just before bed time. One of the changes I want to see in my life is a greater capacity for thankfulness. And, it will take practice—time set aside every day—for me to choose gratitude over and over again in order that I may hopefully become a more grateful person.

Whatever major things you are wanting to work on or change in the new year, it will take much practice and support and be the result of many smaller choices. We are creatures of habit, BUT we as human beings also possess the beautiful capacity to love, grow and transform our lives. If you are seeking a change in your life a licensed mental health counselor can help you. Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to speak with a seasoned counselor. 



Yolanda Brailey