Change is within Your Reach

I remember one day when my son was around 3 years old he was playing with a metal bowl that reflected the light from the window onto the ceiling of our living room forming the shape of a crescent moon. When he saw the moon on the ceiling he wanted to reach and touch the moon. So, I lifted him up and when he touched the moon on our ceiling he was filled with excitement. This led to stories of how one day maybe he could touch the moon. When we saw the moon in the night sky, I would hold him up high and he would stretch his hand up to the sky, with great determination, trying to touch the moon.

Children live in a mysterious and magical world. Of course as we grow up this mystery and magic fades but I think if we look for it we can still find some mystery in our day and in our relationships. If we let go of the practical just for a moment we may see something new we have never seen before. The mysterious can become known and can help us to chart a new course towards the change we desire.

We can spend a lifetime studying our problems. The mistakes we have made, the injustices done to us. I believe we all have alternative stories, even if they seem to be just a glimmer in our problem filled experience. When we open our hearts and minds to what we are missing, to our strengths, times when the problem doesn’t exist, times when we are actually doing what we want to do instead, we can find the exceptions to our problems and begin to write an alternative story for our lives. The unexpected can bring hope and can bring change because maybe when we are stuck we will remember that we have found the mysterious before and as it became known it changed us.

Beginning the process of change can feel like you are reaching for the moon yet when we stretch ourselves, even when our goal seems out of reach, eventually we will get there. Changing course is not as simple as just imagining something different. We must learn to turn our attention to it and begin practicing it so that what was once mysterious and seemingly out of reach, becomes possible. If you are looking for something different but feel what you are looking for seems out of reach a trained mental health counselor can help you begin the process to make the changes you desire. Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment.


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