The Choices Behind the Change — The Practical Side

The new year is upon us and I know many people are making new year resolutions. I personally have never been a big fan of new year resolutions. The fact is, I have always doubted that making a resolution and even the “aha moment” that precedes the resolution result in real, sustained change.

Come to find out, some of the research I have been reading lately suggests this very thing—that “aha moments” and resolutions are not always what lead to major life changes. Of course having an “aha moment” is a beautiful thing that provides insight as to why we are doing what we are doing and the fact that we need to change in order to have more fulfilling lives. Goal setting, in itself, is a positive thing too.

However, what is often overlooked are the dozens and even hundreds of choices we must make in order to fulfill the resolutions that have emerged from our “aha moments.” Take weight loss as one example. You meet with your doctor who says you are borderline diabetic and need to lose weight that. This meeting is your “aha moment.” You then set the goal to lose fifty pounds. Over the next several months you will have to make hundreds of choices to achieve your goal—what you eat, how much you work out, what food you buy, how you cook, etc.

My point is (and always has been) that it is easy to come up with a resolution. The hard part is the nitty-gritty day-to-day choices from sun up to sun down. The good news is that many, if not most, of our life goals ARE achievable. Human beings are resilient, adaptable beings who are extremely capable of change. 

So how do we change?  We need “aha moments” and goals and support in the process of change. We need people to not only help us set goals, but “practice life” with us until we arrive at where we want to be. 

When we choose to change for the better it is a truly beautiful thing. If you are seeking change in your life, or even dealing with change you have not chosen, a mental health counselor can help you.  She can help you identify major goals and smaller steps to achieve these goals. She can provide you with the warmth, support and encouragement you need to overcome obstacles and realize your best you. If you would like to speak with a psychotherapist, please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule your appointment.


Yolanda Brailey