April Showers Bring… – The Personal Side

Years ago I was having dinner with a friend.  The time of year was spring.  I asked her how she was doing and she replied, “I have been feeling depressed”.  She shared that over the last couple years she noticed that in the spring she starts to feel down.  My friend does not have Bipolar Disorder or even Major Depressive Disorder, but she does feel down, stressed and overwhelmed from time to time and especially during the spring.  She is a busy woman with many commitments.  Since becoming aware that she has these negative feelings the same time every year, she diligently practices self-care techniques she has learned in therapy to reduce her negative feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness and depression.  Self-care consists of positive things one does to improve one’s mental health.  For my friend, self-care involves taking a vacation, asking her mother to watch her kids for a night out with her friends or husband, scheduling downtime and seeing her mental health therapist for a few “maintenance sessions” to make sure she is on the right track.

My friend is not the only person I know who experiences negative feelings at certain times of the year.   I have heard other people say that spring is an emotionally challenging time for them.  Some say they feel guilty in the spring because they realize they are not fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions.  Others simply say that the beauty of spring, the green grass and flowers blooming, makes them feel that they are not as happy as they “should be.”  They may see the beauty in nature as a backdrop to their not so great emotional health.  And, of course, many people feel depressed at certain times of year due to anniversaries.  For example, when a person loses a loved one s/he may feel sad on that person’s birthday, as well as other holidays.

So, if you are feeling down, stressed, overwhelmed or even depressed due to an anniversary, spring or any other reason, speaking with a licensed mental health counselor is a good idea.  A counselor can talk to you about self-care and help you work toward life changes that will bring emotional balance in your life, whatever the season.  Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services of Orlando today at (407) 620-7855 to make an appointment to speak with a therapist.


Yolanda Brailey