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Do you feel stuck or unhappy? Is there a sense of unrealized purpose in your life? Do you need someone to help you explore your options? Are you looking for personal growth? Counseling may be your answer.

Counseling is a collaborative process between a therapist and client that leads to life change through awareness of emotions, development of new perspectives and insights and acquisition of therapeutic skills.

We can help.

Life Enhancement Counseling Services utilizes therapeutic interventions in an effort to improve your mood and sense of purpose and direction, as well as enhance and restore your relationships. Our goal is to help you develop skills that will lead to a more meaningful, balanced and joyful life.

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24 Jan, 2022

Body Comments

When is it OK to comment on people’s bodies? The short answer is never. We all know as a child those years are the formative years of our lives where the relationships and patterns of behavior can.
By Arielle Teets
18 Jan, 2022

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s unclear when exactly New Year’s resolutions became a tradition for many. The first record of one came in a 1671 entry from the diaries of Anne Halkett, a writer and member of the Scottish gentry, contains.
By Jennifer Hedrick
12 Jan, 2022

New Year Resolutions versus Goals: Why Resolutions Don’t Work

New Year resolutions are ingrained in our culture. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of them and/or participated in them themselves. Typically, we come up with our resolutions around the time of.
By Tom Daniele
06 Jan, 2022

Laughter Is the Best Medicine–The Personal Side

Many years ago, I went through a dark season. I actually did not know how dark it was until I was on the other side of it. Nevertheless, I remember as that season was coming to a.
By Yolanda Brailey
01 Jan, 2022

Laughter Is the Best Medicine—The Practical Side

It is impossible to feel upset when you are laughing. There is freedom, release and healing in moments of laughter. I have had seasons in my life where I purposefully watched funny movies or shows because I.
By Yolanda Brailey

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