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Do you feel stuck or unhappy? Is there a sense of unrealized purpose in your life? Do you need someone to help you explore your options? Are you looking for personal growth? Counseling may be your answer.

Counseling is a collaborative process between a therapist and client that leads to life change through awareness of emotions, development of new perspectives and insights and acquisition of therapeutic skills.

We can help.

Life Enhancement Counseling Services utilizes therapeutic interventions in an effort to improve your mood and sense of purpose and direction, as well as enhance and restore your relationships. Our goal is to help you develop skills that will lead to a more meaningful, balanced and joyful life.

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18 Oct, 2021


Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a.
By Jennifer Hedrick
12 Oct, 2021

Seeing Wellness As A Hierarchy

Wellness is one of the most common things that is mentioned in therapy. It is a term that could be defined as, one’s overall contentment, success, and comfortability in a particular area of life. Wellness is often.
By Tom Daniele
06 Oct, 2021

The Love Cycle—Also Known as Grief (The Personal Side)

**Please proceed with caution. Grief is difficult to experience, speak of and even read about. Some of the things mentioned in this blog may be triggering to you and stir up strong emotions. Please make sure you.
By Yolanda Brailey
01 Oct, 2021

The Love Cycle—Also Known as Grief (The Practical Side)

“The cost of love is grief.” I am not sure where I heard this quote, but it has stayed with me for years. I am well-versed in grief—both personally and professionally—so I suspect I heard it from.
By Yolanda Brailey
24 Sep, 2021

Why Meditate?

We hear so much about meditation in media. You see the pictures of people sitting criss cross you might wonder what they’re doing or what they are thinking about. Meditation is so much more than just a.
By Arielle Teets
18 Sep, 2021

Goal Setting and Problem Solving

When I decided to go back to school several years ago, I sat down and mapped out how I was going to manage it. How many hours I could I work versus how many hours I needed.
By Jennifer Hedrick

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