Individual Therapy

Life can be both challenging and rewarding. Individuals face multiple stressors, both good and bad, throughout their lives that invite opportunities for personal growth.

Individual therapy offers individuals a confidential and private setting in which they can ventilate their feelings with an empathic therapist and identify and implement solutions to their presenting problems. Multiple techniques are utilized during individual counseling depending upon individuals’ presenting issues. For example, the therapist may use relaxation therapy (for stress or anxiety), cognitive therapy (for depression or to address negative thought patterns) or anger management therapy (to reduce feelings of anger and outbursts). Clients will be encouraged to identify and implement positive coping skills which help manage and reduce unpleasant feelings. Clients may also be taught problem solving or decision making skills which they can then practice with the guidance and supervision of the therapist.

Some issues addressed in individual therapy include problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, anger management, boundary issues, low self-esteem, time management, organization, relationships, fears, and feelings of guilt and forgiveness.