Transitions and Milestones

It is that time of year that we get graduation announcements in our mailboxes and maybe even attend a graduation ceremony or two. Graduating high school is one of the first major milestones we accomplish  in life. We start on our academic journey as a 5 year old and emerge as a young adult prepared […]


Fumbling for Happiness – The Personal Side

I have never been a “Pollyanna” type of person. While I am positive and find joy in everyday life, I am also a realist. I think about the positive and negatives of situations and I deeply empathize with others’ suffering—hence the career as a psychotherapist.


Fumbling for Happiness – The Practical Side

Even if you are not what people refer to as “clinically depressed,” you may believe happiness is elusive, an enigma or just something you see on TV or in movies. Few people seem to exude joy and happiness on a regular basis. And yet, if you surveyed people on the street for a day outside […]