At Life Enhancement Counseling Services we treat a variety of disorders which can interfere with your mental and emotional quality of life and daily functioning.

We strive to help you acquire skills that will improve your life in all areas, including socially and occupationally. Below are some of the conditions we treat and services we offer.

Anxiety and Stress:

When feelings of worry and concern become overwhelming and lead to sustained anxiety, nervousness, fear and even phobias, clinical intervention can help.


Counseling provides individuals the opportunity to ventilate their feelings of sadness and depression, allowing them to identify and implement ways to reduce these feelings.

Grief and Loss:

Grief and loss are inevitable parts of the life process; however, prolonged grief can cause great turmoil and interfere with daily functioning.

Communication Issues:

Communication is the most powerful tool individuals have to grow, strengthen and improve their relationships.

Relationship Issues:

Marriage and couples counseling teaches communication skills that enable appropriate discussion of emotionally charged topics.

Low Self-Esteem:

In cognitive therapy, the therapist helps the client identify negative thought patterns and exchange them with positive ones.

Anger and Conflict:

Anger is a perfectly healthy emotion. It’s normal to feel angry when you are wronged or mistreated. However, if your anger is chronic, explosive or violent; it’s time to look at some ways to get it under control.


Many people who survive emotionally distressing or life-threatening events will develop trauma. Trauma is the imprint that these events leave us with and can be very disruptive to daily life.

Borderline Personality Disorder:

Knowing how to handle and regulate our emotions is an important part of being able to manage relationships and navigate life’s stressors. Those with borderline personality disorder (BPD), however, have extreme difficulty with these key parts of daily life.

Gender Dysphoria:

Gender Dysphoria is the profound distress that results from incongruence between the biological sex a person is assigned at birth (based on anatomical characteristics) and gender identity, which is the gender that a person experiences themselves to be from the inside.


Self-care is anything we do deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. It is an often over looked part of our daily lives, but immensely important.

Divorce and Separation:

Separating and divorcing our spouse or long-term partner is one of the most emotionally and practically challenging adjustments that we make in our lives.

Autism and Asperger’s:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is considered a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact effectively with others as well as their environment.

Social Skills Deficits:

Children, teens and young adults with attachment issues, developmental delays or Autism can experience marked difficulty with social interactions.

Life Transitions:

Life is full of transitions. Transitional experiences can be rewarding, joyful, challenging, exhausting or sad.

Other Conditions:

At Life Enhancement Counseling Services we offer services for numerous other conditions.