Welcome 2021—The Personal Side

  • By Yolanda Brailey
  • 07 Jan, 2021
“Resilience is a lifelong project.”  I heard someone say this last week and it struck a chord with me. As a therapist, I hear and read much about the idea of resilience. Some people think you are born with it, others think you learn...
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Welcome 2021—The Practical Side

  • By Yolanda Brailey
  • 01 Jan, 2021
I am not usually a betting person, but I would bet that most people are not sad to see 2020 go. To say it has been a challenging year would be a vast understatement. From political and social unrest, to COVID, to unemployment and...
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Holidays During COVID-19: Making the Best of It

  • By Tom Daniele
  • 22 Dec, 2020
The holiday season is typically a time that comes with a mixture of stress and excitement. This time of year has an aura of positivity for most people, with celebrations and reflecting on a year past being common. It also usually can be stressful...
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You’re Only Human: How to Manage Perfectionism

  • By LECS Counselor
  • 15 Dec, 2020
Do you ever feel like you can’t stop working on something until it’s perfect and not just almost perfect but ACTUALLY perfect? Well, perfection is a subjective abstract. What one perceives as perfect may not be perfect to another. By definition, perfect means “to...
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