“Meaning” in Everyday Life

  • By Tom Daniele
  • 24 Mar, 2020
What comes to mind when you hear a question like, “what is your Meaning in life?” Some common reactions are, rolling your eyes, or getting emotional, or feeling scared. It is one of those topics you only expect to discuss with a counselor, spiritual...
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Spring into a New You

  • By LECS Counselor
  • 18 Mar, 2020
Hello spring, sunshine, and smiles. Goodbye winter and to all those dark, gloomy skies or feeling down below the weather. The seasons are now changing and coming to an end. As one would say, “every ending is a start to a new beginning” or...
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Letting Go of the Things You Can’t Control

  • By Barbara Vehabovic
  • 08 Mar, 2020
Let’s face it, if it were up to us, we would want to have as much control over a situation as we possibly can. This way, everything will always go as planned, we wouldn’t fear the unknown or the future as much, anxiety would...
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The Evolution of Love—The Personal Side

  • By Yolanda Brailey
  • 04 Mar, 2020
When I was 25, looking out for me meant that my significant other made sure my car was serviced regularly and I did my taxes on time. Now that I am much older, looking out for me means my husband makes sure we stay...
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The Evolution of Love—The Practical Side

  • By Yolanda Brailey
  • 01 Mar, 2020
Teenagers are very different from toddlers or even “tweens.” And I am not just talking about age and size. If I try to snuggle up to my nephew who is 15 the way I would to my best friend’s toddler, I know I will...
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