Parenting With Trust Rather Than Fear

  • By Shellie Hutchinson
  • 13 Oct, 2019
We’ve all heard the saying “parenting should come with a handbook”. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking or saying this, you’re in luck. The number of available books on parenting is numerous. Out of curiosity, I recently did a search on Amazon. The search...
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Coping with Grief

  • By Holly Lapka
  • 08 Oct, 2019
When we lose a loved one it is expected that we will go through a period of being sad. We may go through those often discussed “5 states of grief”-denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. It may be clean cut and make total sense...
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Tweenagers and Teenagers—The Personal Side

  • By Yolanda Brailey
  • 04 Oct, 2019
Body hair, acne, body odor, big feelings and an endless appetite. These are the first words I think of when I recall my teen years. The other thing I remember most about my tween and teen years is how monumental everything felt.
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Tweenagers and Teenagers—The Practical Side

  • By Yolanda Brailey
  • 01 Oct, 2019
“Just wait until they are a teenager!” Ever hear those words in conversation? I hear these words often in my neighborhood and in social circles and I have to admit this comment always makes my insides twitch just a little.
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Mental Health Benefits of Animals on “Ruff” Days

  • By Barbara Vehabovic
  • 18 Sep, 2019
Have you ever noticed how your dog senses when you’re upset, hurt, or having anxiety? They come in closer, they try and comfort you. It’s a remarkable fact that dogs are not only man’s best friend but also human’s emotional support. According to 2016...
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