Many people who survive emotionally distressing or life-threatening events will develop trauma. Trauma is the imprint that these events leave us with and can be very disruptive to daily life. People suffering from trauma may experience nightmares, intrusive memories or thoughts, negative thinking, irritability, insomnia, trouble concentrating, excessive vigilance or avoiding activities, places or people that once brought us happiness.

Counseling provides an opportunity for individuals suffering from trauma to process their feelings of lack of control and fear with an empathetic therapist who works with them to help identify and implement strategies that individuals can use to help manage symptoms of that trauma, leading to decreased frequency and severity of trauma symptoms. Multiple techniques can be used when treating symptoms of trauma such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), which focuses on identifying the thoughts, feelings and behaviors working behind the symptoms of trauma, followed by extinguishing negative behaviors that enable the symptoms to occur.

EMDR Therapy is another evidence based psychotherapy approach proven to be effective in treating trauma. You can read more about this approach under the Our Services page.