Suicide—The Personal Side

Having done a decent amount of grief work during my years practicing, I have had the honor of sitting with others experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one by suicide. Grief work is always difficult, but the suddenness of suicide brings an added layer of challenge to the healing process.


Suicide—The Practical Side

One person dies every 40 seconds by suicide (www.who.int). Suicide is a word we do not often hear or talk about, yet it is happening every day. In recent years the deaths of celebrities like Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams have brought awareness to this topic. And yet, it remains a subject few […]



During my undergraduate program, in one of my textbooks I read a paragraph that has stuck with me. It talked about self-esteem and how our self-esteem is rooted in our childhood, that if we had a childhood filled with chaos, neglect or abuse that our self-esteem would be low, on the other hand if we […]


Trauma Triggers: When Will It Get Better?

The term “trigger’ in psychology has been around for a long time. While there has been a more popular culture explosion of the term, with both positive and negative effects on the original meaning, we still conceptualize triggers as things that can cause intense negative emotions because they remind us of a previous trauma. Post-Traumatic […]


You Know You Best—The Personal Side

I love to stand up for others, especially when it comes to matters of social justice. It is relatively easy for me to verbalize when I feel someone is being mistreated for the color of their skin, their gender, their sexuality or their social class. But when it comes to myself and those closest to […]


You Know You Best—The Practical Side

Sometimes when I work with kids (and even adults) who struggle to express their feelings or ask for what they need or want I will say, “You know you best.” Or, “You know yourself better than anyone else.” In other words, “speak up for what you think, feel or need because you know what you […]


Changing Our Unhealthy Habits

Our lives today are ruled by our habits, how we react to things, the way we get to work, how in shape we are, what we believe are all examples of different habits that people have. Habits define who we are as people. So, if we want to improve our lives and change our habits […]


Are All Relationship Types Possible?

The idea that there are far more types of relationships these days as compared to the past is a bit misleading. We have labels now to communicate relationship styles like open relationships, casual relationships, traditional relationships, etc. These different relationships have been around forever as any even quick dive into history will show, but now […]


Affair Proofing Your Relationship—The Personal Side

I cannot tell you how many individuals have sat in my office and bared their souls about the pain they have experienced as the result of an affair. Affairs damage people and relationships and they are hard to bounce back from. And, yet, it is possible to learn, grow and heal from the experience—however painful. […]


Affair Proofing Your Relationship—The Practical Side

Did the title of this blog get your attention? I hope it did, but I must start this piece with a full disclosure. There is NO way to 100% affair proof your marriage or relationship…just like there is no way to 100% baby proof your home. Life is messy and human beings are complicated. Having […]