Pride is Important for Mental Wellness

Pride is way more than the rainbow section at Target or just the 30 days pride month encompasses. Pride is for everyone and all the time. Pride elevates marginalized voices within the LGBTQ+ community. It’s important to remember that the LGBTQ+ plus community has not been acknowledged or affirmed by the general population until very […]



When I started my own mental health journey twenty years ago, I had my therapist ask what I was doing for self-care. I responded with showering, brushing teeth and hair, eating right. I remember her smiling and she said while it was good, I was taking care of my physical body, what was I doing […]


Panic Attacks vs Anxiety Attacks

It has always interested me how different sources seem to have conflicting opinions on anxiety attacks and panic attacks. Some medical and psychological publications and sources treat them as synonyms, meaning the same thing and only being a matter of preferred name. Other sources that are legitimate treat them as separate experiences, with panic attacks […]


The New Social Distancing (a.k.a. Anxiety)—The Personal Side

Years ago, I had the privilege of going into homes to provide support and therapy. I will spare you the specifics of the populations I served and the challenges I helped people face. However, there are some lessons from that career season that have stuck with me and been brought back to my mind since […]