A Week Off the Grid

I spent a week off the grid, sort of. As a Floridian, I love the natural springs we have here and if you haven’t been I can’t emphasize enough how much you are missing out. A few weeks ago some friends and I went to spend the day at the spring, brought inner tubes, a […]


Staying Open to Change In Plans

Setting goals would be included in a book titled “Therapy 101” if one was looking to learn about the most basic tenants of mental health counseling. We are educated as counselors to urge clients to create goals not only for their treatment but also for life in general. Some counselors go as far as to […]


Change is the Only Constant—The Personal Side

College, graduate school, marriage, home buying, business ownership, parenting and loss—these are just some of the changes I have experienced in life. I am going to be completely vulnerable in this piece and say that even though I have never been diagnosed with it, nor had trouble at work because of it, I am pretty […]


Change is the Only Constant—The Practical Side

Of all the mental health disorders, there is one that I would argue most individuals on the planet will experience at some point, The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition calls this, “Adjustment Disorder.” Adjustment Disorder comes in different shapes and sizes, but the basic definition of this disorder is, “A condition in […]