Changes to Mental Life in the “Post-COVID World”

While I am not a part of any historical committee that makes these decisions or labels, I do believe we are in what we can call the “Post-COVID World”. The quotations I put around this label serve 2 purposes: to indicate this is a formally defined term that everyone agrees with, and to give awareness […]


Chronic Pain: The Ultimate Motivator for Bad and Good Changes

Physical pain is a universal experience, in as much that everyone who lives will experience at least some level of physical pain semi-frequently. Most of it is very minor and sometimes even ignorable. Random aches, cramps, stings, and spasms happen daily and are so small they don’t even register at the level of mental awareness. […]


Staying Open to Change In Plans

Setting goals would be included in a book titled “Therapy 101” if one was looking to learn about the most basic tenants of mental health counseling. We are educated as counselors to urge clients to create goals not only for their treatment but also for life in general. Some counselors go as far as to […]


Lessons from the Couch: Client Perspectives About Counseling

It comes as a surprise to some clients that not all counselors are required to experience counseling as a client during their education and training. I remember in my graduate program that at least 1/3 of the students training to be counselors had never been to counseling, and a few others had only been for […]


Reviewing the Mental Health Professions- Who do I need to see?

I have written a previous blog about the differences in mental health professionals and what their titles mean, but recently I have noticed that quite a few clients are still unsure about these differences. The differences between psychiatrist, psychologist, and counselor/therapist are not a matter of status or schooling, but more akin to knowing the […]


Sensory Memory- A Possible Trigger for Mental Health Issues

There are a lot of reasons why the holidays are stressful times. While they also bring a lot of joy, there is a plethora of reasons why people find their anxiety and depression levels to be elevated in the winter months. Family conflicts, financial difficulties, travel worries, and busy schedules can all create a rise […]


Advocating for Oneself in Counseling

Most people come to counseling with an understanding that a counselor is not a guru or life coach. The job of a counselor is not to give a client some path to happiness, but instead to be a supporting character on a client’s own path that they dictate. Unlike going to a medical doctor, counseling […]


Communication is Ongoing

A real positive change in the last 10 years is that people understand more than ever that poor communication is the root of a large amount of the conflicts in the world. I hear so many clients who come into counseling already well aware that improving their communication skills will be a major benefit for […]


Does Anxiety Hurt?

Physical pain is a major impact on our mental health. From chronic to acute, severe to minor, pain will have an impact on our mood that can be quite staggering. Luckily most of us learn to manage everyday aches and pains without it causing much of a mental health issue at all, but even the […]


Therapeutic Scams: What is Fake Mental Health Help?

There are always possible scams in any field of work. Mental Health work is no exception, even though the thought of scamming those seeking help in desperate times is deplorable. There are some total outright scams in the mental health world that are even harmful, there are some things that are built on a preexisting […]