Spring Cleaning Your Life — The Personal Side

This Spring I have started a “15 minutes a day challenge” for myself. When Lent commenced, I thought about giving something up for it (even though I am not Catholic) simply because I thought it would be a good practice in self-discipline. Before I could think of what to give up someone told me that I could also “take something on”. I liked this idea even better and came up with the following challenge:

For at least 15 minutes every day (minus weekends) for 40 days (the Lenten season) I would do something I either want/need to get done or do not normally do. 

For example, I might clean out the kitchen junk drawer, call a friend and make weekend plans, participate in an online course , or simply read 15 minutes more than I usually would each night. To get myself started, I made a simple list of things I had been wanting/needing to accomplish. I started with small goals (like the junk drawer) and moved on to loftier goals (like completing several hours of online courses). 

Overall, the 15 minutes a day challenge has gone well. Spending time doing new things (or neglected things like cleaning out my junk drawer) has given me the feeling of satisfaction that comes from trying new things, using my time wisely, investing in myself and achieving goals. 

As we welcome spring, I encourage you to participate in the 15 minutes a day challenge and spring clean your life. Think of something you would like to change and/or accomplish in your life and then spend a little time each day working on it. Also, enlist support. Ask a friend to hold you accountable or better yet enlist a trained therapist who can support, empathize with you and challenge you on your journey. You may especially need the help of a licensed mental health counselor if your “life spring cleaning” involves major life stressors, difficult relationships, work trouble or anxiety or depression.  Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to make an appointment. 


Yolanda Brailey