Emotions Management, Communication, and The “3 R’s”

Practicing healthy communication and appropriate emotions management can be difficult when feelings are running high. We have a need to be heard and understood, especially at times when it feels as if we are not being heard or understood. In order to have that need met, sometimes we tend to get louder, angrier, or more forceful with our message. This form of communication is not conducive of a healthy relationship.

When in an argument, a common mistake people tend to make is they react from a place of intense emotion (this can lead to saying or doing something regrettable). They then retreat from the situation and rethink, or replay, the events. It is during the “rethink” phase that people tend to reflect on their words and actions. Generally, people wish they had said or done something differently to their loved one.

In using the “3 R’s” to help with emotions management and communication, one needs to alter the order in which he or she responds to a situation. Instead of reacting, retreating, and then rethinking, one can choose to first retreat, then rethink, and finally RESPOND. Notice “react” has been removed from the sequence. That is because when we are upset or angry, a healthy response to another person rarely involves being emotionally reactive. It is important that we allow the logical and rational sides of ourselves to become integrated with the emotional side. Rather than doing or saying something regrettable, try taking a moment to rethink how you want to treat the person with whom there is conflict.

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