Specializing in Autism in Orlando

Tom Robbins wrote in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues that “to specialize is to brush one tooth.” I think that he meant that if you narrowly focus on one thing to the exclusion of all others, you can’t possibly do that one thing well as you have missed out on everything else in the process. Robbins goes on in his novel to suggest that one should go far beyond specializing by taking one thing “to such extremes that you illuminate its relationship to all other things, and then take it a little bit further…where it becomes all other things.” Perhaps this is especially true for therapists who work with clients with Autism.

I find that there is an art as well as a science to working with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum (and their families). It is no ordinary pursuit, and it requires much of a therapist to push beyond the typical boundaries of the traditional counselor/client relationship. I believe an innate understanding of where the client is coming from is essential in order to form the kind of connection necessary to effect positive change for those with Autism or Asperger’s. I am able to form a strong therapeutic alliance with each client that meets them at the point of their need, so that we may work together to create a plan for resolving the challenges they may face.

My approach is based on my experience as an Exceptional Student Education teacher, as well as the extensive training I have received through Orange County Public Schools while working with students on the Autism Spectrum. I provide patient, clear, consistent, and strong guidance for those who enlist my help, so that they may learn to generalize specific adaptive skills into all aspects of their lives…which is the goal at the very heart of therapy for those with Autism.

Well, now you have a better understanding of what I do. How do individuals and families decide to see me out of all the thousands of choices they have among therapists in Orlando? Well, as far as I can tell it’s a combination of some or all of the following factors:

  • Affordability
  • Convenience of Location in Metro West
  • Experience, Expertise
  • Great Website
  • Availability for Appointments
  • Referral from a Physician
  • Speedy Reply to Initial Inquiry
  • Recommendation from a Friend or Colleague
  • Bio on Psychology Today

However it is that we may come to find each other face to face in my office, I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to explore possibilities to improve your situation… in a meaningful, impactful way that will lead you to a fuller, more rewarding experience of your life on this earth and those close to you. I look forward to helping you to go beyond specializing in that area you already know so well: you. To make an appointment with an Orlando Licensed Mental Health Counselor, please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862.




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