True Relaxation

Published in the Southwest Orlando Bulletin  5/2012

Efficiency, productivity and achievement are hallmarks of society. Many people feel that if they are not doing or producing something they are being lazy. The word relaxation often has a negative connotation in today’s world.

True relaxation is the ability to be still in one’s soul. It is the capability of being fully present and not thinking of anything else other than that moment and the peace one feels therein.

Relaxation can take place anywhere, and it is vital to mental health. Taking time to relax brings peacefulness to a person’s thoughts and feelings, as well as fosters a positive mood.

Some relaxation techniques include meditation, deep breathing and prayer. Without proper relaxation, a person can feel stressed, burned-out and even depressed. Anyone who wants to learn more about relaxation and mental health should call a counselor today.


Yolanda Brailey