You Need Help: You Fat-Shamed Your Beautiful Girlfriend

This viral article was written by Heather Hogan for Autostraddle.com. The discourse about how fatphobia and body shaming impact us in our most intimate and important relationships at times is something that is often difficult to address and put into words. Heather does so with tact and insight that’s helpful for anyone working through body […]


Reviewing the Mental Health Professions- Who do I need to see?

I have written a previous blog about the differences in mental health professionals and what their titles mean, but recently I have noticed that quite a few clients are still unsure about these differences. The differences between psychiatrist, psychologist, and counselor/therapist are not a matter of status or schooling, but more akin to knowing the […]


A Different Kind of ADHD—The Personal Side

When my friend’s son was in kindergarten years ago, she took him to a therapist who implied to my friend (before ever meeting her son) that he had Bipolar Disorder. She even gave my friend a book to read about Bipolar Disorder before the next session.


A Different Kind of ADHD– The Practical Side

Difficulty paying attention, daydreaming, trouble sitting still, talking out of turn. These are most likely all symptoms many lay people can identify as part of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  However, what about these symptoms: anxiety, racing thoughts, trouble sleeping and quick to anger?  Do you think of ADHD when you hear this list […]