What Are You Planting? — The Personal Side

I recently heard someone say that “if you are not getting the harvest you want, there is something wrong with the seed you are planting.” We have to “plant” (or spend time investing in) what we want to get.  And planting is not always easy. Sure, it is fairly easy to plant when things are going well. For example, in my easier seasons I workout more, eat better, sleep more and get close to achieving the delicate balance between work and play. I make time for the people who are important to me, and we make good memories over scheduled dinners, coffee or other get-togethers. 

BUT, when the season is hard, I sometimes struggle to plant good things. I may not want to go to bed early, eat salad for lunch or take time to have coffee with a friend. However, it is during the hard times that I need to be most mindful about what I plant. I have to make the extra effort to take care of myself and know that over time it will pay off. There will be a harvest. “Planting good things” does not mean that life will necessarily get better. But it does mean I will learn how to take care of myself, connect with others and find peace in the midst of whatever hand I am dealt in life. 

Recently I have had a lot going on. Two simple things I have started “planting” are regular coffee dates with valued friends and the use of a crockpot. I know using a crockpot seems like a weird coping skill, but I have been very busy and found it extremely helpful to have dinner done when I arrive home. During our lives there are many things we will always be planting, like exercise, healthy meals and quality time with loved ones. Other things we plant (like using a crockpot) will change over time and evolve depending upon our situations. We must be creative and hone our coping skills throughout our lives and various seasons to experience the most joy and peace possible.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed and are having trouble in your current life season, a psychotherapist can help you. She can provide empathy and emotional support and help you identify and implement positive coping skills to “plant” so that you not only weather but thrive in your present life season. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services in Orlando today at 407-443-8862 to make an appointment.


Yolanda Brailey