What Are You Planting? —The Practical Side

It is cliché but true that “the only constant is change.” As gloomy as it sounds death is about the only thing guaranteed to us in this life. Whether we intentionally change courses or the winds of change redirection us, our lives are always fluctuating. Just like the four seasons, we are constantly moving from one life season to the next.

As life ebbs and flows from season to season it is easy to become stressed, anxious or depressed, especially if the life season we face is a difficult one. In fact, if you have an overly difficult time acclimating to a new life season you might end up with what clinicians call an adjustment disorder. An adjustment disorder simply means that you are having trouble adjusting to new life circumstances and this difficulty is affecting your life roles and relationships. 

With so many stresses and changes in life like relationship issues, divorce, unemployment/employment issues, financial stress, family issues, illness and death (just to name a few), how do we handle life’s curve balls and avoid unwanted stress and adjustment disorders?

The short answer is that we ensure we have a good support system, good coping skills and master flexibility and adaptability. I will give more concrete examples in the personal blog on this subject, but essentially what I am saying is that life is always changing so we must change too. I am not talking about altering the core of who we are (our soul, or spirit, or whatever you choose to call it). I am talking about the evolution of our coping skills, knowledge, skills and even our attitudes.

The first example that comes to mind is being diagnosed with cancer. If you were diagnosed with cancer you would have to learn new coping skills, acquire new knowledge of your diagnosis and address your attitude concerning living with cancer. You would probably do things as simple as exercise and rest more and join a support group. And, you might do harder things like pray, meditate or journal to work through the spiritual component of living with cancer. But, to survive and thrive in a trying life season such as living with cancer you would “plant” (or do) new things.

So the question becomes, “What are you planting in your current life season?”  If you are in a happy season then make the most of it and intentionally make memories that will feed your soul in the harder times. Are you in a trying season? Who supports you? What new things are you doing (planting) to cope and adjust? If you need more support in your current season and/or are lacking in positive coping skills a licensed mental health counselor can help you. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services in Metrowest Orlando at 407-443-8862 to speak with a licensed and seasoned mental health counselor. 


Yolanda Brailey