I Love Me…In a Good Way – The Personal Side

In today’s society, self-esteem is perhaps more elusive than ever.  All day long we are bombarded with images of what we should look like, drive, wear, etc.  Women and men feel extreme pressure to live up to the standard of Hollywood’s idols—movie stars who have unlimited access to trainers, chefs and yes, plastic surgery.

And then there is our emotional baggage.  Whether from childhood or adulthood, most of us have defining moments we can point to that have shaped our self-esteem for the good or the bad.   In fact, I am always amazed that so many of my adult clients can quote, verbatim, negative things that a parent or teacher said to them many years ago.  With so many factors working against us, it is a wonder anyone has good self-esteem.

Having good self-esteem is possible though; however, what most of us forget, I think, is that self-esteem starts from the inside.  We can spend thousands on our outward appearance, but if we do not work on what is on the inside—our thoughts and feelings—we will never achieve the highest level of self-esteem possible. 

Ever watch The Biggest Loser?  If so, you may have seen trainers asking the participants very personal questions of a psychological nature.  The trainers are trying to get to the heart of the matter of how and why these men and women have come to such an unhealthy and unhappy place in their lives.  The trainers know that they can help these individuals return to a healthy weight.  They also know that if the participants do not deal with their emotional and psychological baggage they will never find true joy and contentment—AND will most likely gain the weight back.

That is why when it comes to self-esteem, psychotherapy is the way to go.  No matter what we do to change our outward appearances –and yes, some of those changes may make us feel better—we will never arrive at genuine contentment with who we are if we do not learn how to “feel good” on the inside. 

An experienced, licensed mental health counselor can help you discover what is holding you back from the self-esteem you long for and deserve.  Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to make an appointment. 


Yolanda Brailey