ADHD — The Personal Side

I know so many people who have been diagnosed with ADHD…and I am not talking about clients. I have SEVERAL friends who have ADHD and even a few distant family members.  When I think about ADHD, I immediately think of all of my friends who live with it. The ones that come to mind are incredibly intelligent, creative, resourceful, funny and imaginative people.  They are teachers, painters, dancers, scientists, sculptors, writers and yes, therapists.

So, when I sat down to write this piece on ADHD, my mind instantly went to all of my friends.  But, the more I have sat with this topic I now feel compelled to write about children. I have always had such a heart for children, and specifically children who are suffering. In fact, helping children is one of the many reasons I first wanted to become a therapist.

I have seen so many children in my practice who have been struggling in one or more life areas because of having ADHD. They struggle at home and school with their parents, teachers and friends.  These children feel frustrated because they do not understand why some activities of daily life seem so much harder for them compared to their peers. They often lack the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage all the various roles in their lives and perform to their potential.  A potential which is usually very great, I might add.

Living with ADHD is not impossible, but it can feel that way for children (and their parents) who lack the support and skills to do it well. Counseling not only educates children, parents and teachers about ADHD, but empowers them to live (and help others live) the best life possible with this diagnosis. They learn and implement new strategies to manage their symptomatology. 

If your child is struggling at home and school and you think s/he may have ADHD, please don’t wait to make an appointment. So many children with ADHD suffer far too long and struggle needlessly when counseling can provide the education, support and skills necessary for them to not only make it in life, but truly excel. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment with one of our Orlando mental health counselors.


Yolanda Brailey